Macroergonomics Project

This project was a usability study carried out from the perspective of organizational behavior. The techniques we used in this project were very similar to traditional user experience methods, however the objective was to gain insight into the influence of organizational structure on users' behaviors and perspectives.

West End Market, which is a dining facility on the Virginia Tech campus, was the organization that we analyzed.

The Challenge:

Maintaining a sufficient number of staff necessary for daily operations was the primary challenge faced by the organization. Using a Sociotechnical Systems (STS) approach, we identified and categorized causes of these problems based on:

1) Organizational Structure and Policy

2) Tools and Technology

3) Physical Environment

4) Job Responsibilities

5) External Environment

....semi-structured interviews with the facility manager, senior employees and student workers,

-lack of cross-training... people have skills only for a specific shop in the facility

-Lenient absence policies

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