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Original Home Page

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Redesigned Home Page
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Project Plan


Guidelines for Home Page Design

•Make the site’s purpose clear: Explain who you are and what you do

•Help users find what they need

•Reveal site content

•Use visual design to enhance, not define, interaction design

Obtained from:

Google Analytics


  • Which web links are users clicking on?

  • What is the difference in clicking behavior between new users and returning users?

  • Are there any low-value links that are drawing too many clicks?

Google Analytics_1.png

Links Most Frequently Accessed from the Home Page

Google Analytics_2.png

Stakeholder- and User-Interviews


Based on preliminary insights from Google Analytics and Home Page Guidelines, I surveyed/interviewed stakeholders and users about the following general issues


  • Unique selling points (USP's) and strengths of the product (PATRIC)

  • ​Current and target users of PATRIC​​

  • Top 5 activities that users should be able to do on the Home Page

  • Long-term goals of PATRIC


  • General usage and most common tasks they currently perform

  • Unfamiliar terminology and jargon on the Home Page

  • Searching behavior on website - what, why, how?

General Insights

  • The purpose of the website was not entirely clear from a first glance at the Home Page

  • Multiple links/buttons misinformed the user on what they would do when clicked

  • There was use of non-standard terminology and jargon, as well as inconsistency in the terminology used to represent the same concept

  • Some visual icons were too generic, and did not necessarily represent the correct information

Interface Insights.JPG

Design Charrette


To initiate the process of designing a new Home Page, I organized and moderated a Design Charrette with the stakeholders (project manager, domain scientists, and software developers).

The following design prompts were provided:

  • "Design a Home Page that clearly communicates the purpose and benefits of PATRIC quickly to new users, and provides faster workflows for current users"

  • "Design a Home Page that communicates that PATRIC is an integrated resource and one-stop shop of bacterial data and tools.” (your ecosystem/home for your data/your workbench)

  • "Design a Home Page that eliminates unnecessary links and emphasizes those that are frequently used"

Charrette Responses.png

PowerPoint Mockup

My PPT Design.JPG

Graphic Designs

I collaborated with the a Graphic Designer to transform the PowerPoint mockups into higher-fidelity designs using Adobe Photoshop


New Home Page

The user-interface developers on the team created the new Home Page based on our graphic designs.

New Home Page.png

Next Steps..

Heuristic Evaluations and interaction design on New Home Page