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This was a data-driven visual interface that I created using Processing Software, for a graduate level course at Virginia Tech. I acquired a very large data set of driving trips from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and used that to create my visualization.


My aim was to visualize driving trips and their characteristics on a macro-level to find out if people drove differently in different months of the year. The project was a very unique experience because it gave me practice with data manipulation using MATLAB, data visualization, coding in Java, and interface design!


I was able to effectively show that drivers were more cautious during the snowy winter months of New York, with acceleration values less than those in the summer months. Also, an interesting insight that I did not expect was that the lateral acceleration values were generally much larger when people swerved, than when they accelerated or braked.

*Note: I am not able to provide an interactive prototype because the data was confidential, and the interface could be implemented only on a secure computer.

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